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We Believe in Green

We’re committed to measuring and reducing our impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly order fulfilment for a greener planet

While our mission is delivering world-class order fulfilment to help ambitious brands grow, we have decided to take the uncomfortable step of critically assessing our own environmental impact and use those learnings to reduce our carbon footprint and help our partners to ship their products in a more sustainable way.

How we’re building a more sustainable future for commerce

Reducing energy consumption

We’ve made substantial investments in the lighting we use across our sites. We now only use energy efficient LED lighting which has reduced power consumption by 60%.

100% waste recycling

Our recycling initiatives ensure that nothing goes to waste. Every piece of cardboard and shrink wrap we use is bailed and recycled and we even separate general waste including wood and metal. In fact, we stop over 2,000+ tonnes of waste going to landfill each year and it’s then turned into renewable energy.

Paperless warehousing

Low impact is the new standard of high performance. Our innovative fusion warehouse technology makes the use of paper a distant memory, reducing our environmental impact from the very moment your customer places an order.

Low emission delivery

We choose to work with partners that share our vision for a greener future. Hermes, Parcelforce & DPD are using more electric vehicles for deliveries, and we are working closely with them to create a greener delivery ecosystem.

Eco consumables

When it comes to making eco-friendly order fulfilment happen, even the little things count. Our fulfilment centres use PE mailing bags, and paper tape that is 100% recyclable.

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No matter what solution you choose, you have access to:

3PL Fusion Warehouse Portal
The 3PL Fusion portal
You get access to our interactive cloud-based platform, giving you the technology to grow your business.
Real-time reporting and analytics on orders and stock levels
Reporting and analytics
Intuitive data driven dashboards that drive real-time decision making.
Customer Service Outsourcing
Award winning support
Complete peace of mind with real people and real experience at your convenience.
Inventory Management Software
Inventory management
View and control your inventory from anywhere in the world 24/7 365.
Major shipping discounts with a carrier reseller
Cost-effective shipping rates

Proven buying power across the most trusted carriers.

Simple Returns Management
Returns management
Stay up to date and track returns and exchanges with ease.
Simple One Time Multichannel Integration
One time integration
Seamlessly integrate all your e-commerce stores and marketplaces via API.
Secure fulfilment warehouse storage
Secure storage
Your goods are important to us and are housed in our fully secure facilities for complete peace of mind.

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