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TikTok Fulfilment

Supercharge your TikTok Shop

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Reach more customers by selling your products through entertaining, viral content on TikTok.

Through our direct integration (A.P.I.), we seamlessly connect your TikTok Shop with 3PL, your outsourced fulfilment partner.
Already selling on Shopify? Great – The TikTok platform is enhanced by a strong connection with Shopify, for which we also provide a seamless integration to support omnichannel social selling.

We’ll pick, pack, and ship your orders swiftly and accurately to TikTok minimum standards to build a memorable sales experience that will help accelerate your business growth.

Let us do the heavy lifting via our innovative and versatile omnichannel fulfilment solution that’s designed to delight your customers and deliver on your brand promise, so you can direct your efforts towards creating viral TikTok content and increasing brand loyalty.

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Here’s how 3PL helps your brand to scale with our TikTok Fulfilment Services


Tailored packing solutions

Customers nowadays expect out-of-this-world unboxing experiences and we’re here to ensure we give it to them! We engineer each consignment to meet the highest standards of care and pay close attention to every detail. We can also remove any unnecessary wrapping or packaging as well as repack if necessary while we kit your boxes. Do products need modifying? No problem! If it’s removing manufacturer labels or helping you source custom packaging, we’re flexible enough to support your needs and create a memorable unboxing experience that gets your TikTok customers sharing with delight.

TikTok fulfilment shipping customers parcels

Delight your customer with fast shipping and save on delivery costs.

As a leading third-party logistics operator (3PL) we ship thousands of customers parcels each week, giving us increased buying power with some of the world’s most trusted carriers. With our managed delivery service, you can provide your customers with later order cut-off times, enabling your customers to place an order on your TikTok Shop until 9 pm, and still receive their purchase the very next day!

Award-winning helpdesk support and tailored technology to give you that competitive edge

Our helpful TikTok onboarding team are on hand every step of the way to ensure seamless integration with your TikTok Shop and remain on hand throughout your journey with us. In addition, our intelligent online Fusion portal gives you on-demand access to your data 24/7 365 from anywhere in the world, and on any device enabling you to act upon and share key insights that will help you to succeed online.

real time updates on 3PL fusion

Real-time updates, inbound receipts, despatches, carrier tracking, returns & inventory levels

3PL’s revolutionary cloud-based Fusion technology platform syncs directly with your TikTok Shop and key selling channels and feeds into one convenient view, giving you the ultimate inventory management solution. With Fusion’s intuitive control tower – you will always have your finger on the pulse, with deep insights into how your products perform and the must-have metrics to help you oversee your operations, and manage orders and inventory with full transparency and confidence from anywhere 24/7.

Fulfilment and logistics solutions designed to power growth and efficiency across your business

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How Henri-Lloyd Uses 3PL to Fix Their Supply Chain Bottleneck

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How Outsourcing Order Fulfilment Helped For Goodness Shakes to Streamline Operations

How Outsourcing Order Fulfilment Helped For Goodness Shakes to Streamline Operations

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No matter what solution you choose, you have access to:

3PL Fusion Warehouse Portal
The 3PL Fusion portal
You get access to our interactive cloud-based platform, giving you the technology to grow your business.
Real-time reporting and analytics on orders and stock levels
Reporting and analytics
Intuitive data driven dashboards that drive real-time decision making.
Customer Service Outsourcing
Award winning support
Complete peace of mind with real people and real experience at your convenience.
Inventory Management Software
Inventory management
View and control your inventory from anywhere in the world 24/7 365.
Major shipping discounts with a carrier reseller
Cost-effective shipping rates

Proven buying power across the most trusted carriers.

Simple Returns Management
Returns management
Stay up to date and track returns and exchanges with ease.
Simple One Time Multichannel Integration
One time integration
Seamlessly integrate all your e-commerce stores and marketplaces via API.
Secure fulfilment warehouse storage
Secure storage
Your goods are important to us and are housed in our fully secure facilities for complete peace of mind.

We integrate with your ecommerce store

3PL Multichannel eCommerce Platform Integration

Plus, many more

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