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BEE&YOU, the leading natural bee products company has announced a new partnership with UK based order fulfilment and logistics provider 3PL as they look to bring their range of products to more consumers across the UK.

BEE&YOU currently have over 450 Contracted Beekeepers partners and 150,000 hives worldwide and a dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and beekeepers that are deeply devoted to their mission of marrying science with nature to create nourishing and delicious products buzzing with health benefits. Using proprietary technology, they extract all biologically active compounds from propolis, raw honey and royal jelly in the purest form, providing consumers with raw, unfiltered and unadulterated products.

The partnership with BEE&YOU will enhance their DTC order fulfilment strategy by utilising 3PL’s in-house order fulfilment technology that enables BEE&YOU greater visibility and control of each part of the online order experience.

3PL’s Order Fulfilment Solutions are designed to provide retailers with the easiest, most effective, way of enhancing the customer experience from online store to front door. This latest announcement follows 3PLs recent partnerships with global apparel brand Henri-Lloyd.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be partnered with such a unique and specialist business, who have biodiversity, fair trade and our incredible bee population at the forefront of their daily lives.” Erica Morrison, Customer Success Manager at 3PL commented “As beekeepers and scientists themselves, who better to promote the ‘science meets nature’ benefits which we all strive to support in our own daily lives. The products are absolutely beautiful, and we look forward to helping this amazing business go from strength to strength in both business growth and consumer awareness.”

“We are extremely proud to be able to expand our sustainable business model into the UK, to deliver medicinal bee products that will benefit people’s health and wellbeing.” Emre Tuchan, Business Development Manager at Bee&You UK said “Considering the current global situation and the unmet need for scientifically-proven supplements that will support the immune system, I believe we will be a key player in the health & wellness industry in the UK market in a short time.”

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About 3PL
Based in Wigan, 3PL offers multichannel eCommerce fulfilment and logistics for growing brands. As an end-to-end fulfilment solution, 3PL operates from over 250,000 sq. ft of shared user warehousing in the UK, supported by access to a network of International warehouses to support global expansion for its clients. Its fast-moving operations house over 16 million items of stock, and dispatch across some 32,000 product lines. Learn more by visiting

BEE&YOU makes all-natural and biologically active bee products while promoting sustainable beekeeping.

BEE&YOU products are on sale at 3,000 CVS online and physical stores nationally, at the company’s website and on Amazon. Founded in 2013, BEE&YOU has won more than 30 awards in the past seven years with its innovative, natural and healthy line of bee products. Strong advocates of beekeepers, BEE&YOU relies on a unique “Contract-Based Beekeeping Model” to protect bees and beekeepers’ rights and safety. This business model allows production agreements signed directly by beekeepers without middlemen or distributors.

In addition to 3,500 retail outlets in the United States, BEE&YOU is also sold globally in South Korea, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Qatar, Dubai and Cyprus. Learn more: