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Hey everyone, 👋

I’m super excited to introduce you to another member of the 3PL team (and one of the newest additions)

You’ve already met our longest-serving team member and ‘3PL Legend’ John Scully

In recognition of National Apprentice Week, this edition of Inside 3PL shines a light on Brandon Vaughan, currently undertaking an apprenticeship on our IT team.

Although still a newbie and in true 3PL style, Brandon has been rolling his sleeves up and getting stuck in across various roles within the business. (much more fun than sitting in front of a computer all day!) to help him gain a better understanding of how we ‘make ship happen’ here at 3PL.

Ready to learn more about Brandon? Let’s do this👇

Barry Ryan: To start, can you tell me a little bit about your background and what you currently do at 3PL?

Brandon Vaughan: I practice some coding as well as keep track of IT hardware around the office and warehouse. My first few months have been very fast-paced. I joined very close to peak season and it’s given me the opportunity to support other areas of the business like the customer support and warehouse teams.

It’s kept things interesting and given me a more rounded knowledge of the business and order fulfilment.

Barry: Why did you decide to join 3PL?

Brandon: The apprenticeship gave me a great opportunity to further my career and knowledge in a fast-paced and evolving business.

Barry: What does at IT apprentice at 3PL do?

Brandon: I get to spend the day practising coding and enhancing by skillset. Every now and then I get called upon to put on my hi-viz and support the warehouse team during our busiest periods- no two days look the same.

Barry: What’s your favourite thing about working at 3PL?

Brandon: It has to be the people working here, everyone is so warm, friendly and respectful and they have made me feel like part of the 3PL family.

Barry: Can you tell our readers about what it was like as a 3PL apprentice?

Brandon: The work is quite challenging but very rewarding, having enough practice and training really helps – so try and get as much training in as possible to further my skills and industry knowledge.

Barry: What’s made you want a career in IT?

Brandon:: I’ve wanted to be a game programmer and designer since the age of 3. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of Sonic and that little blue hedgehog fuelled my passion.

Barry: What makes 3PL a great company to work for?

Brandon: Working with great people every day in a great working environment.

Barry: What advice do you have for a future 3PL apprentices?

Brandon: Make sure you’re well prepared, have enough training, knowledge and take lots of notes about everything. There is so much to learn about the business and the order fulfilment industry your notes will be a great reference point on how much you have learnt and developed in your role.

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