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Welcome back to Inside 3PL, where we introduce you to the amazingly talented people that make 3PL such an amazing place to work.

So far, you’ve met John ScullyHannah BanksKath KnowlesRebecca Whalley, Leon Parkinson , Abbie Booth and Christian Glascott.

Today, It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Cory Lowe, a key member of the Systems Team at 3PL and plays a huge part in ensuring our systems and software are running smoothly.

Ready to learn more about Cory? Here we go👇

Barry Ryan: To start, can you tell me a little bit about your role at 3PL. What are you responsible for?

Cory Lowe: I’m responsible for the continued maintenance and policing of existing systems, alongside assisting in the implementation of new systems. I also act as a 3rd party software handler for a good portion of our outsourced software.

BR: Why did you decide to get into your current job role?

CL: I’m a bit of a techie at heart and like to build and maintain my own PC, as well as playing around with software. So, the jump from the operations team to Leon’s Continuous Improvement team seemed like the perfect fit.

BR: Why did you decide to join 3PL?

CL: I’d just finished my studies and I was looking for my next career move and wanted to find a progressive company that had opportunities to develop my skills and progress my career – that’s when the chance to join 3PL came up.

BR: What’s been your favourite project to work on at 3PL?

CL: Getting to work on our recent ‘Scan2Cage’ Door App feature was great, as I got to work quite closely with Emanuel and Leon on the Continuous Improvement Team on this project which allowed me to see into the world of development properly.

BR: Before working at 3PL what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

CL: I was actually enjoying student life before 3PL, so this was my first real step into the world of business

BR: What’s a fun fact about you?

CL: My eyes shake!

BR: What three words describe 3PL?

CL: Make Ship Happen

BR: What’s a fun fact about you?

CL: My eyes shake!

BR: What three words describe 3PL?

CL: Make Ship Happen

BR: What makes 3PL a great company to work for?

CL: The working atmosphere – it’s a great blend between relaxed and hardworking, but the emphasis is always placed on striving to be the best in class and provide the best eCommerce order fulfilment in the UK and ultimately create a great experience for our customers.

BR: What do you think creates a great customer experience?

CL: In the context of 3PL the close relationship between us and the customer is the key to long-term success. We aim to become a valuable extension of their team.

BR: What advice do you have for prospective 3PL candidates?

CL: Scan Everything, Protect Our Stock, Delight Customers


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