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As an award-winning ecommerce fulfilment specialist, we are often asked about the future of ecommerce. With our crystal ball in hand, our most recent blog post takes a predictive look into the future of the UK ecommerce sector for the remainder of 2023.

Here are our top 10 movers and shakers to be alive to:

1. Overall UK ecommerce growth will slow down to pre-pandemic levels.

2. A Year of Survival – particularly for aggregators and resellers with thin margins.

3. Cost reduction imperatives will drive sellers to invest in technology and business process often outsourcing physical operations.

4. Amazon’s fees and advertising costs will continue to rise – leading many sellers to diversify their sales channels.

5. Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto will start to emerge for online transactions.

6. Growth in DTC e-commerce sites will continue to build momentum. The rising tide will float all DTC boats, but Shopify will be the primary beneficiary.

7. Liquidation sites will benefit from high inventories and slower ecommerce growth.

8. Container shipping costs will drop as demand levels out and supply chain bottlenecks continue to be resolved.

9. eBay will do quite well with an increase in re-commerce and the rise in discount shopping.

10. More ecommerce sellers and sites will embrace Artificial Intelligence.